Saturday, September 27, 2014

10 Facts About Me

 Who is this girl anyways?

First off, my name is Chelsea Slayter and I am currently Miss Waikiki USA 2015! It's easy to follow someone through photos, but I thought it would be fun to share a few fun facts about me!  I consider myself to be a pretty interesting person and I'll admit I'm a little weird in some ways. So if you want to learn a little more about me, read if you dare. 

01.  I recently turned 24 and am already experiencing a "quarter life" crisis. That's why I decided to run for this pageant because I'm not getting any younger. Soon gravity will kick in and I'll start getting wrinkles so there's no better time than now! I need to take advantage of my youth.  

02.  I have never been in a pageant before. Ever. The closest thing to my pageant experience was winning a baby contest when I was 1 years old. I won first place so I'd say the odds are in my favor, right? Hah. 

03.  Prior to this, I was working as Director of Marketing for an A-Class Executive Suite. For now, I've retired the work heels and rock the running shoes everyday until Nov. 23rd when I upgrade to 6" Chinese Laundry "Tippy Top" pageant heels. 

04.  I'm also currently studying for the GMAT'S and applying for MBA programs. I hope to go to school in Europe or New York or Nor Cal. Either way, I plan to take full advantage of any traveling opportunities in B-school. I'm hoping the Miss USA pageant will be my opportunity to network with Mr. Trump himself. "Hey Mr. Trump, let's start a business together." So for now, my days vary from cat walk training to studying data sufficiency methods and then taking naps. Yes...

05.  I love taking naps. I am, by far, the sleepiest person in the world. I can sleep for hours on end. I'm pretty sure I was a cat in my past life. And I probably have narcolepsy. 

06.  I am not a part of a modeling agency like many pageant contestants. I am actually looking to join one because it would be good experience, but to be honest, I feel like I'm an awkward person when it comes to taking pictures. That's just me over thinking things. So, how do I overcome the nervousness? I drink a glass of wine before photo shoots so I can calm down. Seriously. And then I channel my inner Beyonce and sing "I'm a grown woman" in my head. 

07.  If I could describe myself in one adjective- it would be "resourceful." I'm that type of person that will research everything on my own in order to learn something. I don't like the idea of paying someone else to do something I know I am capable of doing. For example, I taught myself how to build websites and do graphic designs.  Sometimes you gotta "fake it til you make it" right? And right now, I am using Youtube to learn how to walk like a Victoria Secret model instead of hiring a pageant coach. #werk

08.  Aside from being "resourceful," I am also very "indecisive." One day I want to be an astronaut, the next day I want to be a scientist, and today I want to be a beauty queen. (I'm kidding) But really, it takes me 15 minutes to figure out what to eat if I'm in a food court. And then another 15 minutes to decide what to order from the menu. Decisions, decisions. 

09.  I know it doesn't look like it but I'm secretly a nerd. I read books more than I watch TV. I actually hate watching TV unless "Shark Tank," or "Cosmos" is on. My favorite TV channel growing up was The Discovery Channel. Other then that, I spend my free time reading books or reading the news from sources such as: The Economist, Forbes, Inc, Times, and Wall Street Journal etc. 

10.  I'm a collector of Quotes! I read quotes daily. It's therapeutic and those are my little sources of inspirations. Yes, I'm that girl who takes #selfies and [insert motivational quote here] in the caption. So today, I leave you with this quote: 

"You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way." 

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